Trader Spotlight: Susie Ramsay, Fine Artist

Susie Ramsey Bristol Winter

Our Christmas Market is so jampacked with amazing makers, creators, traders, and foodies that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Every now and then, we like to zoom in on one particular creator to discuss their journey to the Harbourside Market. In this installment, Susie Ramsay, trader at the Harbourside Christmas Market, talks her craft.

How long have you been an Artist?

I’ve always loved painting and drawing but had not pursued it is a career the end of 2013. I took the opportunity to have some time off and decided to cycle from Bristol to the heel of Italy over 7 weeks. I painted a pen and ink postcard for every day of the 3,000 kilometre trip, which later turned into a 45 postcard exhibition  ‘Postcards from the road: sketches from Bristol to Brindisi’.

How long have you been at The Harbourside Market?
Since May 2014 (with a break for the last year for maternity leave), it was the first market I traded at when I starting selling my work. It’s a great location right in the centre of the City on the waterfront. I love the fact that anyone could be passing your stall. I’ve met some fantastic people over the last few years and there is a very supportive atmosphere amongst all the traders.

It’s a great opportunity to share your work directly with customers and get feedback. Many of my new paintings have been as a result of people asking me if I had a painting of a particular view which I didn’t have at the time. I’ve also had a number of commissions as a result of people meeting me at the market, liking a painting and discussing how they could get their own artwork.

What do you love most about the city in terms of subject matter for your work?
Bristol has got it all really, beautiful buildings, the harbourside and surrounding countryside. Due to it’s hilly geography, there are so many great views and potential compositions to sketch and paint. When I am travelling around the city by foot or by bike I’m always stuck by the way the light is on a building or seeing a new perspectives on a street from a different angle. That’s why I called my last exhibition  ‘Streets, lanes and skylines’ as I wanted it to be about the hidden parts of Bristol and to present the city in a new light.

What mediums and materials do you most enjoy using? Why?

I work with a range of mediums depending on the effect I want to complete for the painting. My work ranges from small pen and ink postcards to large scale canvas oil paintings. Pen and watercolour can give an immediate effect and capture the moment perfectly and are my chosen medium to sketch outdoors with. But the process of building up a large oil painting over a number of months is equally exciting as you slowly build and develop the layers and depth to a painting.

Where can people find more of your work?
Come and find me at The Harbourside Market on Sunday 11th and Saturday 17th December 2016 where I will be selling my cards and limited edition prints of my work. To view the paintings in advance please visit my website. To follow my latest news people can follow my Facebook page or my Twitter account.