Weekend Market

Every weekend
11am – 4pm

The Harbourside Market is the place to be on weekends. We take over Bristol’s busy city centre with an incredible Maker’s Market under the covered walkway filled with the books, jewellery, clothing, and beauty products of your dreams. Over the other side of our sunny river is the best thing you’ll eat all week: Bristol’s street food illuminati out in full. It’s a delicious, delicious time.

#HeadToTheHarbour this weekend for Bristol’s creatives clustered under the Covered Walkway. We’ve got books and music galore between Booty Books, Brightstar Records, Nemo’s Books, and many other connoisseurs of the written or sung word;  Cafe Cake and The Little Chocolate Truffle are there to take care of your sweet tooth; and Dan’s Somerset Deli kicks off the customary Harbourside Market cheese obsession.
On the street food side of things, For Mice and Men takes the cheese obsession and runs with it, and they’re joined in that noble tradition by From De Terre; Riceminster have big (rabbity) plans; Los Hermanos Combinados have got some of the best buns in the business.
We’re going to be there, rain or shine, and we promise a good time. Seeya soon.