Street Food Thursdays

In an effort to give Bristolians back their lunch break, the Market relaunched Street Food Thursdays in April 2016.

“Too many people don’t give themselves a proper break, or meal at lunch time,” said Market Director James Coomber when we launched. “With summer round the corner we want Street Food Thursdays to be an excuse to get outside, get a delicious lunch in and give yourself a deserved break from computer screens.”

We’ve brought in our favourite food traders to serve cuisine from around the world, with plenty of veggie options. From Persian meat to handmade gyoza, Caribbean wraps to Canadian coffee, there’s something here for everyone, plus the opportunity to take a break, have a chat, and enjoy the good vibes of resident Market DJ J. Morrison. You can find out what’s upcoming for each Thursday on our events page!

So put away those soggy sarnies that are scoffed at your desk, head to the harbour every Thursday from midday and get dosed up with delicious nosh, fresh air and good company. That’s a proper lunch break!